Lara Stumpf

Interaction Design    ╱Bremen

2018 Digital Media B.A.

2016 Volunteer Taiwan

2015 Tutor

2014 Assistant

2011 Insurance Businesswoman

O    ╱Experience working with Virtual Reality on a new level.

2016 Germany

Prof. Tanja Diezmann

2nd Prize / Dresden mb21, Hochschultage Bremen

(Selection) Weser-Kurier, PAGE: Wie sortieren wir Daten in Virtual Reality?

In Ordnung    ╱Tidying up algorithmic art. A homage to Frieder Nake.

2016 Germany

Prof. Dr. Frieder Nake

Folded    ╱Communicate on a deeper level.

2015 Germany

Prof. Tanja Diezmann

In cooperation with TELEKOM DESIGN

Sneak Talks at Hochschultage Bremen 2016

Horng Jou Tile Factory Museum    ╱Explore Taiwanese culture: Industry.
Menschheits​beschimpfung    ╱Why are you even reading this?

2015 Germany

Voice acting for Keno Westhoff

(Selection) Klanglabor #1 2016, Radiophrenia 2016

U    ╱Let’s dream about the future.

2016 Germany

Channels    ╱Your journey through different channels.

2016 Germany

In collaboration with Keno Westhoff

(Selection) Schauburg Bremen 2017, Shortorama 2016

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